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>> if dr. murray doesn't have the financial resources to hire his own medical experts the court has to pay for. sources tell abc there will not be any indictment or arrests until 2010. >> janet jackson one of the few family members who's maintaid her silence since michael jackson's death. see much more of robin roberts interview coming up tonight. >> it's on "in the spotlight" at 10:00. >> just moments away, new details on that late night shooting up. we will have a live report. >> this is a cost-cutting, not a cost-of saving measure. this is trading money for lives.
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>> more mixed messages about mammograms. some doctors say they will not follow the new government guidelines. how will not affect your insurance coverage? >> a brand-new saved report. does your car passed the ash tests? captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> here's brian. is chillier out there this morning. >> we will get through the day today and it will be another fall-like afternoon. temperatures around 50 degrees. you may want to put on a jacket. 38 in front royal. 46 right now in downtown -- in
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the district. we will see sunshine and it will be ccoming chilly. temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. >> a couple of things are happening. east on 66 to get into marshall, there has been a crash and a mile marker 29. that puts it after 17. 66 he spam, one lane is getting around this crap -- 66 eastbound, one lane isgetting around this crash. nothing on 95 between richmond and baltimore. on the eastbound freeway, you'll find it broken down a tractor trailer after the exit for the third street tunnel. it is blocking one lane. we're taking you live to the american legion bridge.
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everything is running smoothly. now back to alison and doug. >> thank you. a late night shootout has left it would be robert dead. >> another is still on the run. this happened at the fort washington convenience store. matt brock it tells us what police are calling a store clerk a hero. >> he is definitely a hero. >> just after 9:00 p.m. last night, two robbers held a shop owner at gunpoint. >> the store owner was able to rustle of a handgun that was produced by one of the suspects away from him and he was able to fatally shoot one of the suspects. >> the man -- this woman worked at the store. >> he took the gun and took the guy. >> she said she would react differently.
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the second suspect escapes. >> it is very dangerous. >> police say the dangers they have is very limited. the escape rubber is about 6 foot 1 inch and he was wearing all black. the store has been robbed a number of times. police will be looking at several every video if it is available and it will see if it was working. the store is closed now. we hope to have a better description later in the day. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news this morning in maryland where police are investigating a suspicious death. a female driver spotted the body of a man just after midnight. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. an autopsy will be done in baltimore to determine the cause
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of death. a man has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting that killed a boy in the district. police say josue pena tried to rob the boy's family on saturday night. they fled to their apartment. a single shot fired into the door kilt oscar fuentes. >> he told it was an accident. it is too late for regrets. i said he's just an innocent boy. >> pena denies trying to rob anybody. he is being held without bond. residents say pena is able to get into the building because of a broken front door of the city is vowing to repair. he is the first u.s. inmate to die by electrocution by more than a year. larry bill elliott was killed last night. he was convicted of killing a
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couple. prosecutors said he did it to win the love of a former stripper. they have been involved in a bitter custody dispute. president obama is on his way to korea. he will meet with the president of south korea and later today. they're expected to hold long talks about north korea's clear program. he wrapped up his trip to beijing earlier today with some sightseeing at the great wall of china. support for the afghanistan war is flipping. a new poll found 52% of americans feel the war is not worth the cost. 44% see it as worth fighting. 55% are confident the president will choose a strate that will work. vincent gray is the target of an ethics probe. he used council stationery to
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solicit a $20,000 contribution from comcast. he was trying to raise money to help pay for democratic party activities. d.c. law imposes a $5,000 limit on such contributions. he said he did not view the letter as a political solicitation. the institute for highway safety picked 19 cars as its top safety picks. ford leads the pack. foreign car builders subaru and volkswagen had five awards each. the entire list is something you can find at our website. . 47 degrees. >> still ahead, the breast cancer controversy. more and more women are worried about the new government guidelines. now some doctors are speaking
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out. >> county leaders weigh in on
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5:00 not on this was the morning. a bit of a chill in the year. -- 5:09.
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46 degrees. there are some wind gusts about 9 miles an hour. we will take a look at some of the other numbers. mid 40's pretty much everywhere. there are a few exceptions. capon bridge, 31. fort meade, 41. bristow, 45. mainly in the mid 40's. some morning sunshine. it will be a gray midday. highs in the upper 50's, which is where we should be. >> i am doing ok. southern maryland looks good. nothing at the wilson bridge. in and out of baltimore is spectacular. a nice ride on 70 between hagerstown and baltimore. on 66, mile marker 29, we do have an accident.
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one lane is getting through. on the westbound freeway, leaving pennsylvania avenue, roadwork act maine avenue. 395 after the exit for the u.s. capitol, there is a broken down tractor trailer in the road. back inside. >> thank you. >> the montgomery county council is out with a new recommendations in the county. they say tolls for the intercounty connector should be lower than what the state has proposed. they say tolls should be phased in gradually, and that frequent users should get discounts. the want to expand 270 with two reversible hov toll lanes. 47 degrees. >> another close call for the vice president. we will tell you about the latest crash involving joe biden's motorcade.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, a maryland store owner shot and killed a would-be robber. police say two men tried to rob the food zone convenience mart. the owner wrestled the gun from one of the men. one man died at the scene. >> the number of suicides in the army will probably be higher than last year. they're making progress on the problem. one under 40 active-duty soldiers have taken their lives
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since january. those numbers have tapered off in recent months. >> the space shuttle of blindnesatlantis will dock withe space station today. everyone seems to be talking about this. new recommendations concerning mammograms have many women worry. a task force says most women do not need mammograms in their 40's and to get one every two years starting at age 50. it is a break with the american cancer society's longstanding position. some are concerned health insurance would use this to deny coverage. >> this is a cost-cutting, not a cost-savings measures. this is trading money for lives. >> a group representing health
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plans says women should not worr about their coverage. a spokeswoman said insurers are not likely to change their roles based on these new recommendations. 5:16 on this wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin on the roads lisa baden. >> plenty going on already. i am all little bummed about that. no accidents along 70 and 270. we have a heavier volume of traffic to get down to the truck scales. we're still good on 355. we're in pretty good shape on route 4 to get up to the suitland parkway. a nice ride on 210. no surprises for you. there is row work on maine avenue and -- there is road work on maine avenue and you can get by.
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coming on 66 eastbound out of front royal to get into manassas, an accident at the exit for the planes. this is 270 traffic. i do not see any rain. >> maybe a few sprinkles later today or early tomorrow. 42 in rockville this morning. 47 in vienna. the wind is at of the east- northeast for the next day or so. we will see a fair amount of cloud cover. as you head out this morning, a bundle of. upper 40's downtown. the wind will be from the south. sun is coming up later and later every day. we will have an expert cloud cover. we may see some rain from the west. we have a fair amount of clouds building in. there will be some sunshine and early today.
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temperatures will be in the mid and upper 50's. a couple of showers are possible tomorrow. by friday, we clear out. friday and saturday are looking eyes. we could finish up with some showers and cooler temperatures. >> thank you. the future is almost here. ibm is working on the next generation of artificial intelligence. >> t-mobile is selling sidekicks again. vinita nair explains. sidekicks sales resumed. t-mobile has started selling sidekick phones again. most of the missing data was restored. customers got a $100 gift card. the phones are a little cheaper. a top of the line sidekick now sells for $150. a new laptop is designed for hard-core video gamers.
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they say is the first notebook capable of producing realistic 3-d visuals. it has it 15 1/2-inch screen and features a three-dimensional sound. it works with about 400 pc games and the latest batman game. "usa today" is seeing how college students are affected by newspapers. it is identical to the newspapers print edition best interactive an exclusive content for each university. newspapers have been searching for new sources of revenue. scientists say they have made a breakthrough in creating a computer that can think like a living thing. researchers say the have stimulated the thinking parts of a cat's brain. it doesn't neeneed a computer
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thinks like a cat. this simulation of a human brain can be within a decade. that can help medical information. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i am vinita nair. >> i do not know what i think about that. >> it is scary. >> it is junk in, junk out. >> exactly. outside, 47 degrees. >> alexander ovechkin is coming back. tim brant has all the highlights. >> later on "oprah," the cast of the new movienine."
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discover a light yogurt like no other. activia light! delicious, fat free, and above all... the only one that has bifidus regularis
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and is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. activia light. ♪ activiaaa! discover a light yogurt like no other. activia light! delicious, fat free, and above all... the only one that has bifidus regularis and is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. activia light. ♪ activiaaa! good morning, washington. alex ovechkin was back on the ice last night for the first time in a couple of weeks. washington winds 4-2 over the rangers. pick it up. this is the power play. this ties the game at one. ovechkin's fifth teeth goal in 15 games. left side. a tough angle. he ties it up 2-2. that is all.
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washington turns it on. this is the game winner in the third period. this will make it 3-2. washington beat the rangers 4-2. there is a look at your sports. have a great day. the swine flu is good news for when trading staple. linda bell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> concern about the swine flu is pushing orange juice futures higher. there was a big rally. one analyst said the rising demand may send pices up an additional 25% saw by february. they are already up 66% this year. investors are looking at food and energy prices. we will get a report from the commerce department on october housing starts.
5:26 am
builders probably broke ground on u.s. homes at the fastest pace in 11 months. stock index futures are little changed. walmart is getting a big jump on black friday'prizes cuts. they are price reductions planned starting this saturday, a week before the traditional shopping rush. the biggest price cuts include up to 60% off of some toys, and a $40 gift card that comes with some video game packages. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 5:26 right now, 47 degrees. the news continues. >> still ahead, a motorcade mess. 's another car wreck for ' motorcade. >> new nutritional rules for
5:27 am
local restaurants. >> the scrutiny over the swine flu vaccine. some say there is a shortage. a new dose is on the way. there will be a swine flu clinic later today. >> we are live in the weather center. we are watching some clouds moved in. would you need your umbrella? moved in. would you need your umbrella?
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington." just about 5:30 on late wednesday. thank you for joining us. i'm alison starling.
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>> and i'm doug mckelway. let's get right to brian. >> may be some sunshine early on this morning. it will be much like yesterday. a light jacket, upper 50's. the best time will probably be tomorrow. the weekend starts off nice. mainly 40's this morning. a couple of 30's out there. hamilton, 42. oxon hill, 44. here is your forecast. sunshine this morning. clouds will move them. isolated shower is possible today, mainly to the west. better chance tomorrow. not heavy rain coming air way. let's say good morning again to lisa baden. >> it was until iraq on virginia southbound at the occoquan on a river.
5:31 am
southbound 95 traffic is in a backup but nothing like northbound. it is highly visible to hov drivers. moving over to the camera, we will show you what looks like upstream. headlights heading north out of newington to get to the beltway. we will take you to maryland where we're running nicely at father hurley boulevard. the topside of the screen is out of germantown. newschopper 7 will join us in just a little while. >> thank you. our top story, there are brand new developments this morning in the fight against swine flu. the fda has approved a fifth vaccine to stop the spread of the h1n1. it is a big step to get supply in line with demand. courtney robinson has more on the news. good morning. >> the hope is that the supply
5:32 am
and demand will meet up. the fda said they have 7.5 million doses on quarter expected to be here next month. many on capitol hill are not holding their breath. in an effort to vaccinate tens of millions of americans, the h1n1 swine flu vaccine cannot hit clinics fast enough. >> the vaccine is an excellent match with the virus that is still circulating. >> lawmakers are grilling manufacturers about distribution. less than half of the one of 20 million doses that would be available by now have been delivered. >> whether we meant to or not, we let expectations to be higher than they have been. i think that can lead to frustration. >> federal health officials say 4000 americans are dead from the virus or flu complications.
5:33 am
40,000 more are hospitalized. >> you would do anything for your children. that is why we're out here. >> of course, there has been much anxiety over being able to get the swine flu vaccination for yourself or your children. here at the university of maryland at the health center, we will see them giving out the h1n1 vaccine. this will be to students, faculty, and staff. >> thank you. for more details on that clinic and any others around our area, you can log on tour website. . we are following some breaking news at of maryland. police are looking for clues from a a suspicious death. the body of a man was spotted just after midnight. he was pronounced dead just
5:34 am
after midnight. the body will be taken to baltimore. if you have any information, please call police. one man is dead and a second is on the run. police say two robbers tried to hold up the food zone store last night. the store owner was not about to let that happen. he got the gun from one of the suspects and shot him. the suspect died at the scene but the second suspect escaped. a man is now in jail, being held without bail. josue pena has been charged with first-degree murder. oscar fuentes was hit by a cynicsingle bullet on saturday night. two new yorkole officers and a taxi drivers suffered minor injuries.
5:35 am
a police car collide with a taxicab in manhattan last by. the car was not part of the procession. the vice president was not hurt. mr. biden was on his way to appear well on "the daily show." an option to banned same-sex marriage cannot go on the ballot. the board said it would violate the city's human rights watch. the council is expected to approve gay marriage next month. opponents wanted voters to be able to weigh in on this. this ruling will be appealed in d.c. superior court. the district will not appeal in the case of balding police checkpoints. they were put in place the trinidad neighborhood. it was ruled those checkpoints were unconstitutional.
5:36 am
cathy lanier has cancelled an order authorizing the program say it is no longer needed. there are more job cuts at verizon. they are laying off more than 1000 employees. a spokesman said the layoffs are part of an already announced plans to cut 8000 jobs before the end of the year. there have been layoffs this week but would not confirm the number given by the union. house democrats are adjusting joblessness. proposed fixes include additional help for small businesses and more were road and bridge spending. tax breaks are slated to expire by the end of the year. senate democrats may finally unveiled their health care bill today. they are waiting on a final cost estimate. it is scheduled to include a new insurance program that is
5:37 am
designed to help the disabled and elderly stay in their home. the house is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow that could increase the cost of medicare for singers. the monomery county council would force chains to put their calorie counts on their menus. it said it would put hea healthier eating choices on their menu. this takes effect in july of next year. 5:36, 47 degrees. >> we will introduce you to mya's #1 fan. the family of one of the "dancing with the stars" favorites. >> the list of the safest cars is released. i will tell you who did not make the cut.
5:38 am
>> we will have a check on the weather conditions and how the traffic is doing.
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>> we are volunteer arlington. to volunteer today, go to, keyword "volunteer." >> good morning, washington.
5:41 am
we are coming up on it 5:40 on this wednesday morning. i'm live outside the huntington metro station. it is a pretty quiet morning. a few buses coming by. 46 degrees right now. not a bad morning. a few degrees above average locally. there are some noticeably cooled locations out west. for example, in cumberland, we have 33 degrees. in lexington park, 51. some morning sunshine. increasing clouds. isolated sprinkles and scattered showers tomorrow. it looks like tomorrow morning's commute could be a little damp p here and er >> ok, th is good. it is bet on a dry day. add a little bit of water and it
5:42 am
is like pepper "gremlin" movie. leaving potomac mills to get to the occoquan on a, you have something to look at. we will go over to the cameras to see what we have. beltway and new hampshire avenue is moving ahead speed. we look good on the dulles greenway and dulles toll road. we go to alison and doug. >> thank you. we are falling some breaking news. pirates have attacked a u.s. marsk alabama for the second time. the ship was not overtaken. pirates attack pat off the coast of somalia earlier this year taking that captain hostage. will have more details on this as soon as they become available. 5:42, 47 degrees. the "dancing" finals are said.
5:43 am
" we will look at the latest safety scores for all the top models of cars. >> a relationship between china and the united states. we will have the late
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories. more swine flu vaccine is on
5:47 am
the way. a new h1n1 vaccine has been approved to ease the nationwide shortage. 7.5 million doses are expected to be delivered next month. >> president obama is expected to sign an executive order cracking down on government waste and fraud. more than $98 billion spent by government agencies was wasted in fiscal 2009. that i up $26 billion from the previous year. >> president obama said the relationship with china is deepening. the nations are now banding together to deal with climate and security issues. he spoke with reporters this morning before meeting with the chinese premier. "dancing with the stars" is now down to three teams. one model was eliminated last night. mya group and the maryland
5:48 am
suburbs. her father said she is up against donny osmond but she thinks he can pull out a win. >> anything can happen. she was doing well in the judge's' eyes. we need everyone to vote for mya. >> i love this show. the maryland girl has what it takes to bring home the trophy. >> you can catch her final performance at 8:00 next week and we will find out who takes home the coveted trophy tuesday night at 9:00 she is so good. the judges love for. 5:48. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with our own dancer, adam caskey. >> i was just thinking about friday night bill little bit. i busted in a little bit of a dance moves on the dance floor friday night.
5:49 am
i would not cry if i got bad marks. we're at the huntington metro station. i have been tracking the midsection of the country. extensive cloud cover in the upper atmosphere. let's cut to the storm scan. it will give as a closer look at what is happening. you can see the surface shone on the left side of the screen. it is cut off from the general flow of the atmosphere. nothing is there to push it. there is a feature that is moving into the west coast. that will move the system along. we will see the chance of showers throughout the next couple of days, mainly late today and into early friday. we will see an increase in the cloud cover and and maybe a shower this evening, especially west. for more on the shower chances, how much we can get, let's go
5:50 am
back to brian in the studio. you were busting it, too. >> i am not going to dance right now. i may be on some cold medicine, but i am not going to bust a move. the system is moving in from the west. the next 48 hours, we will see the cloud cover moving in. a couple of sprinkles and showers. and then the system will move out on friday. it partly sunny day on friday, pretty nice. we will continue that trend of nicer weather on saturday. not bad for late november. how is the ride? >> frustrating because of a wrecked southbound 95. northbound drivers a feel like they are being punished. the age of the delays are forming at the prince william parkway.
5:51 am
route 1 maybe a better option for you. we are looking in a traffic because there is good news at the american legion bridge. is moving smoothly. >> thank you. 5:50. let's check in with philip stewart at the live at desk. >> good morning. we have a sign of the times. the president of the late santa claus group is asking for priority for the swine flu in maxinvaccine. they are exposed to a lot of children. they should use lots of sanitizers and wash their hands more. they deal with a lot of children. >> we were talking about having a little baby. they cannot wipe or blow their nose. all that snot ends up santa's
5:52 am
arms. >> i have one more for you that does not involve snot. she turned him down during the presidential campaign, but hillary clinton granted an interview an"vogue." she enjoys watching "mad men" does her own makeup. she appeared on the cover in december of 1998 when she was the first lady. >> you would have to be a champion sleeper to have that kind of job where you need to be alert. >> unbelievable. >> > liked "mad men" and i do my own makeup. 5:52 is yo
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
and now if you stories to watch out for in the day ahead. michelle obama will make a stop at alabama elementary school in alexandria to kickoff a challenge. >> lawmakers will hold a hearing on d.c. autonomy. they will see if d.c. can write its own budget without congressional oversight.
5:56 am
>> the holiday travel forecast will be released. airlines are predicting a drop for thanksgiving. some new crash safety tests are out. the list might surprise you. >> an american automaker is the cream of the crop. pamela brown is live with the answer. good morning. >> in all, 19 passenger cars and eight sport-utility vehicles made the list for top safety picks. a few vehicles that made the list last year came up empty this year. it may surprise you. it has been a tough year for american automakers but not when it comes to safety. ford and volvo are considered top safety picks. to protect against crashes, ford is your best bet. it won six awards. chrysler is not far behind.
5:57 am
subaru earned five boards. honda and gm also did well. missing from the list, bmw and toyota. it had 11 honors last year and none of this year. >> the absence of toyota it is a bit of a surprise. >> the cars had a vigorous crash protection test. >> more than 9000 people die each year in motor vehicle crashes when a motor vehicle rolls over. >> 94 vehicles made the list last year. less than 1/3 made the list this year. for a complete list, you can log on tarp website, there is a lot more still to
5:58 am
come in our second hour. >> a pirate attack off the coast of kenya. getting ready to dig deeper for your holiday trip. airlines are raising their rates once again. >> held at gunpoint. a convenience store owner takes things into his own hands. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. woman: i don't know. dealer: you know, volkswagen takes care of the scheduled maintenance at no cost. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, jetta, or top safety rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. woman: i can't believe it.
5:59 am
woman: i can believe it. yep.

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